Introducing the mobility industry to startups and innovation

Since 2012, Autotech Council meets every month to discover startups, new technologies, and relevant innovation. Autotech Council members are forward-looking carmakers, T1s, investors and mobility companies who are committed to working with new companies, investing in new technologies, and partnering with startups who are pushing the boundaries of innovation in mobility, computing, sensors, materials, AI, UI, connectivity, energy and more.

Meetings listed below are open to the public. For complete details of past and future public and private member-only meetings and events, see our calendar.
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Oct 11, exhibits open from 1 - 4pm 
Hosted by Western Digital

Autotech Council's Annual Science Fair is a once-a-year opportunity for any technology company to introduce their innovations to strategy, R&D, scouting, and partnership executives from across the mobility industry. 100s of participants share thousands of technologies and ideas through Science Fair exhibits and MatchMaker Meetings.


Nov 29, 10:00am - 11:30am 
Hosted online by Avanta Ventures

This 90-minute virtual session includes startup pitches and a roundtable discussion on the convergence of financial services with the automotive industry. Agenda will introduce up to 5 young companies working on innovation across digital vehicle finance and leasing, digital insurance, and vehicle payments, and more.

Through meetings in Silicon Valley with online access for remote attendees, the Council introduces 100+ new companies and innovative technologies each year. Through monthly opportunities to pitch, demo, meet, discover, network and research, with the occasional marketing opportunity mixed in, everyone from global car brands to venture-funded startups can get involved.