Annual hands-on expo showcasing partnership-ready mobility innovation

Autotech Council's Annual Science Fair is a once-a-year opportunity for any technology company to introduce their innovations to strategy, R&D, scouting, and partnership executives from across the mobility industry. Every year, 100s of participants share dozens of technologies and thousands of ideas at our Annual Science Fair. 

Companies leading the automotive, transportation, and mobility industries into the future are committed to innovation - both to innovating themselves and to partnering with the best innovations available whether those are found in their existing supply chain, a venture funded startup, or a university lab.  While the layout may be reminiscent of a High School Science Fair, the technology is not! Reserve your exhibit space now.

7th Annual Autotech Council Science Fair

Science Fair Oct 12-13, 2022

Oct 12 / 12-4pm: ONSITE Exhibits & Meetings in Silicon Valley Oct 13 / All day: ONLINE Showcase & MatchMaker Meetings

From browsing or exhibiting to private introductions, Science Fair has 5 registration options available.


MatchMaker Meetings

500 MatchMaker Meetings, described below, are available in Silicon Valley on Oct 12 and/or online on Oct 13. To participate in onsite or online introductions, select a package that includes the MatchMaker Service when you register.


Exhibit Onsite

Exhibit tables, parking lot demos, startup tables, and exhibit sponsorships are available with or without unlimited MatchMaker introductions and with or without online participation. Choose the package that best works for your goals when you register.


Exhibit Online

After an hour hosting your own table in our virtual lounge for interactive discussions with online visitors, your product and technology pages are open in the portal for asynchronous viewing. All Science Fair exhibitors have access to this option.


Attend Onsite

Science Fair exhibits, including demos, startup tables and parking lot exhibits run on Oct 12 from 1-4 pm in Silicon Valley. Choose a Visitor Pass if you want to just browse, or choose the Participant Pass if you want introductions and meetings with members, exhibitors, and other participants.


Attend Online

After 1 hour of interactive networking and demo tables in our Virtual Lounge, technology demos will be available all day Oct 13 in Autotech Council's Portal. To connect with onsite and online participants, the MatchMaker Service is also available to online-only attendees.

Exhibits available onsite in Silicon Valley and online in our Portal - choose one or both

To be part of our annual show-and-tell event where mobility companies, technology companies, and startups share their innovation, co-development projects, and the work they are open to doing with new technologies and the Autotech Council community, reserve your exhibit space now

Science Fair 2022 runs for 2 days, one day onsite in Silicon Valley followed by one day online in our portal and virtual lounge. Reserve your exhibit table, startup stand, parking lot demo, or online showcase at the link above, or contact us with questions about exhibiting and/or sponsoring. 

  • Exhibitors: Full size 8 foot exhibit tables, smaller startup tables, and online exhibit space available.
  • Demos: Parking lot demos and virtual demos available first-come, first-served to confirmed exhibitors.
  • Pavilions: If you have several Autotech companies in your portfolio to introduce, a pavilion can be reserved.
  • Sponsorship: Sponsorship available onsite and online to companies with or without an exhibit.

Alongside a large exhibit space packed with new technologies, interesting co-development projects, startup tables and parking lot demos, Science Fair has opportunities to get involved both onsite, online, and across both formats – including hands-on exhibits on Oct 12, online exhibits on Oct 13, and the MatchMaker Meeting service facilitating private, prescheduled, personal introductions across both days.

MATCHMAKER MEETING SERVICE - SPEED DATING For Carmakers, Vendors, Investors and Startups

During Science Fair, our MatchMaker will facilitate over 1000 private discussions between companies with mutual interest who add this upgrade to their registration. These pre-arranged, introductory meetings are available in Silicon Valley on Oct 12 and online on Oct 13. 

  • How To: Matching is prescheduled online between delegates actively engaged in buying, selling, and investing in new mobility technologies and innovation. Matching starts early October! So, sign up before then to get the most matches.

More details on Autotech Council's MatchMaker Service here

 IN PERSON AND ONLINE EXHIBITS invite in-depth conversations with engineers and product managers, not public relations people. 


 EXHIBITORS COMMITTED TO PARTNERING with the best innovations available - whether those are found in their existing supply chain, a venture funded startup, or a university lab. 


 IN PERSON AND ONLINE NETWORKING with car makers, vendors, startups, academics, and investors working on the future of automotive. 

Autotech Council Science Fair 2021
ONSITE: Exhibits & Meetings in Silicon Valley
ONLINE: Demos & MatchMaker Meeting in Autotech Council's Portal

  • Onsite Tables: 3 hours to walk through rows of projects and products on display
  • Parking Lot Demos: Limited outdoor space available
  • Online Exhibits: Projects and products available to view asynchronously in our online portal
  • Ask an Engineer: Demos are staffed by engineers who know the technology inside and out, not PR people
  • MatchMaker Meetings: 500 pre-arranged, private, 15-minute introductions between exhibitors, attendees, and Autotech Members available onsite and online.