Once-a-year expo showcasing partnership-ready mobility innovation

Autotech Council's Annual Science Fair gives the Silicon Valley an opportunity to see what cutting edge technology companies are working on in the mobility industry. OEMs, vendors, tech companies and industry hopefuls exhibit side by side to introduce their innovations to strategy, R&D, scouting, and partnership executives from across the mobility industry.

While the layout may be reminiscent of a High School Science Fair, the technologies are not! Companies leading the automotive, transportation, and mobility industries into the future are committed to innovation - both to innovating themselves and to partnering with the best innovations available whether those are found in their existing supply chain, a venture funded startup, or a university lab.

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9th Annual Autotech Council Science Fair

Science Fair Oct 17, 2024

Oct 17 Morning: Rapid Fire Startup Pitches Oct 17 Afternoon: Exhibits, Demos & MatchMaker Meetings Oct 18 All day : Followup MatchMaker Meetings

Science Fair 2023, Wednesday, October 11
Hosted by: Western Digital
Sponsored by: Honda Innovations

Cutting edge technologies exhibited including OEMs, T1s, and startups throughout the hall and the parking lot.

A morning of startup introductions before the expo opened to the public.

Back-to-back, 15-minute, curated MatchMaker Meetings connecting attendees both in person onsite and for online followup the next day.

Exhibitor Listings, Startups Pitches & Photos in our Meeting Recap

From browsing or exhibiting to private introductions, here's how you can participate at our 2024 Science Fair.


MatchMaker Meetings

500 MatchMaker Meetings are available in Silicon Valley on Oct 161 and online on Oct 17. To get your own set of curated, private introductions, select a package that includes the MatchMaker Service when you register as an exhibitor or attendee.



Exhibit tables, parking lot demos, startup tables, and exhibit sponsorships are available with or without unlimited MatchMaker introductions and with or without online participation. Choose the package that best works for your goals when you register.


Startup Packages

Startups exhibiting at Science Fair each have 5 minutes in the morning to put their best foot forward with a company pitch to mobility industry tech scouts and venture investors. Pitches are followed by questions and feedback from members.



Science Fair exhibits, including demos, startup tables and parking lot exhibits run on Oct 16 from 1-4 pm. Choose a Visitor Pass if you want to just browse, or choose the Full Participant Pass if you also want to hear the startup pitches and build your own schedule of private introductions.



A few select sponsor options are available. Sponsored tables have priority locations. Our Coffee and Lunch sponsors have branding, introductions, and stage time. And a sponsored pavilion accommodates many companies together with exhibitor benefits. Ask us for details.