From e-marketing to event sponsorship, each year we have a few opportunities for companies to sponsor Autotech Council meetings and activities. 

Sponsors are approved based on the value they bring to Autotech Council members, who are dedicated to partnering with new companies, investing in new technologies, and exploring new market opportunities, and count on us to help them discover innovation. Our sponsors benefit from our quality-over-quantity approach, targeted audience, focused agendas, and access to 10,000 subscribers.


Promote your company onsite and online to 10K Autotech Council subscribers. Branding Sponsorship starts at $5K and options include demos, networking tables / online networking rooms, newsletter or social content, and other non-speaking alternatives.


Promote your technology or innovation at a virtual, in-person, or hybrid meeting. Topic/Meeting Sponsorship starts at $10K and options include speaking on the agenda, hosting a meeting, and other content related alternatives.


Autotech Council’s annual events, Connected/Autonomous Vehicle meeting in the spring and Annual Science Fair in the fall, offer unique opportunities for thought leadership and technology marketing. These sponsorships start at $5k and can include branding, demos, speakers, and more.


In-person, virtual, or hybrid meeting based on sponsor’s agenda, time, place, and objective. Starting at $20K custom meetings include production, moderation, promotion and speaker management.


Autotech Council’s Custom Events combine content, demos, and introductions based on the sponsor’s objective. Events start at $30K and may include webinar, demos, exhibits, MatchMaker meeting service, breakout discussions, and live networking.

For more details please download our brochure, or contact us with questions.