Annual Membership is only available to companies who are highly committed to mobility innovation and actively partnering and investing in startups and new technology. 

At the core, membership includes a constant flow of introductions to new companies, new technologies and new ideas through our monthly meetings. Along with these meetings and introductions, members also benefit from a member library with over 500 presentations from past agendas and startups, member portal to discover and research startups, our MatchMaker service that curates pre-screened, private, 1-on-1 meetings where there is mutual interest, and an online and in-person global network of innovation colleagues working across mobility. 


Members are an exclusive group of companies highly involved in innovation across many mobility sectors. Membership is open to companies actively partnering and investing in startups, innovation, and new technology.


Though member-only virtual and in-person meetings, monthly introductions, online & offline networking, networking, research, and public seminars focused on mobility, transportation and automotive, members meet 100s of new potential partner companies each year. Annual membership includes:

  • Networking: Direct, in-person access to companies building next gen mobility hardware, software, and services
  • Introductions: Meet 100s of potential business partners and new technology companies each year
  • MatchMaker: Online Private Meeting Service to connect members, speakers, and startups 1-on-1
  • Unlimited Meetings: Free or discounted registration to member-only and public meetings each year  
  • Unlimited Delegates: Assign meeting and research benefits to any employee who can get value
  • Member Portal: Tool for members to research and connect with relevant startups
  • Member Library: Past presentations, reports, photos, agendas and debriefs stored online
  • Host a Meeting: Members with facilities in Silicon Valley can host an Autotech Council meeting  
  • Online Networking: Online directory and LinkedIn group allow delegates to contact each other
  • Tradeshow Debriefs: Members discuss news and products after major tradeshows
  • Marketing Opportunities: Member priority for speaker, host, demo and sponsor opportunities
  • Marketing Outreach: Member pricing for Meeting tables, support for member news and initiatives via calendar, articles and social