Because demos are such an important part of many technology pitches, Autotech Council meetings include several ways to share new technologies. We encourage startups who are selected for an agenda to reserve a demo space, or meeting table, to facilitate followup conversations. At our public meetings, demo tables and meeting tables are also available to rent to speakers and attendees alike.

  • Innovation Review: At our topic meetings, up to 10 tables are available for companies to show their technology and share their story with attendees and members. These tables are available in the meeting room during in-person meetings, at a virtual table in our member lounge, and/or in a breakout room during a Zoom meeting.
  • Startup Reviews: At our member meetings, presenting startups can reserve a meeting table to show their demo or take followup interest. These tables are available in the meeting room during in-person meetings or at a virtual table in our member lounge. 
  • Annual Events: Our Spring MatchMaker event and our Science Fair each fall are both built around technology demos. Dozens of tables and 100s of meetings take place at each of these events.

To include your demo in an Autotech Council agenda, reserve a table when you register for a meeting. Tables can be used for:

  • Meetings: Use a table at in-person and hybrid meetings that are open to non-members to invite and encourage 1-on-1 conversations with those attendees.
  • Demo Table: Use a table to set up a demo if your technology is relevant the the meeting topic. Virtual and hybrid meetings may have virtual tables in our online lounge or breakouts in our virtual meeting room.

To reserve a table, add this option when you register. Find the next opportunity to demo on our calendar.