Speak At A Meeting

With 18 meetings each year, the Autotech Council has plenty of opportunities for companies to talk about their innovations - free of charge.

SpeakingIf you are a company with a new technology, a new service, or a new product, it is the responsibility of the Autotech Council to make sure your innovations are getting exposure with the partners and customers that can get you to market.

We have between 5 and 15 speaking opportunities monthly for companies of any size. Some months we are looking for startups, some months we look for segment-specific innovation such as battery technology or in-car app stores. Other months, we may look for major players in the industry to talk about their innovation programs and how they support entrepreneurs.

A company who is selected to present at the Autotech Council can expect the following:

  • A group of smart, informed, and highly connected auto industry professionals giving you their undivided attention.
  • Your company will be listed in the public directory of our website advertising to the larger community that you have an innovative solution.
  • Several auto manufacturers from several continents to review each presentation whether or not they are physically present for your speech.
  • Your presentation will be stored in a secure, member-only library so that members who couldn't meet you in person can still consider your product.
  • Interruptions are common so plan your time accordingly.
  • We do not give out contact information or make personal introductions for our speakers, so we encourage you to use your networking time to get contact information from your audience.
  • Always include your contact information in your presentation file so companies reviewing your deck after the fact can contact you.

Speaker selection is a Council-wide effort. We take requests and recommendations from our members and sponsors, consult our executive committee when deciding between multiple companies, and rely on inside and outside analysts and investors for their informed opinions in building a balanced agenda. 

We keep all speaker applications and invite companies on a rolling basis. Therefore, if you are not chosen at a specific time, it will be considered for future opportunities as they arise. 

Please note: Speaking slots do not necessarily include demo opportunities, which are described on another webpage.

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