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Our Annual Science Fair is Autotech Council's once-a-year opportunity for technology companies to introduce innovation to strategy, R&D, scouting, and partnership executives from across the mobility industry. Share your innovation at a table, sign up for personalized introductions, or just browse the exhibits - onsite or online - For FREE.

  • Date: 10/12/2022 01:00 PM - 10/13/2022 07:00 PM
  • Location Sunnyvale, CA, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Hosted by Yazaki and NTT Docomo Also available online in Autotech Council's Virtual Lounge



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Silicon Valley, California, October 19, 2022/Meeting Recap/ Last week, the Autotech Council hosted our 7th annual Science Fair, sponsored by Honda Xcelerator. It is a 3-hour, high energy, hand-on, open house with demos, matchmaking, and lots of prototypes to play with.

Over 30 exhibits, startup tables, parking lot displays, and online demos, cutting edge technologies from Car OS and testing to machine vision and robotics were fueling the creative energy of over 300 registrants. Take a look at the exhibit descriptions linked above.

As our participants and members know well, when we put exciting technology in the room with tech scouts, investors and R&D engineers from OEs, T1s, and global mobility companies, the real magic happens through the MatchMaker meeting service. Not to disappoint, 100s of private, 15-minute, curated introductions were made between Science Fair participants over 2 days. 

Congratulations to Reid Bergsund from Honda Xcelerator who was our MatchMaker winner this year, hands down with 22 matches, with runners up tied between Valeo and psHolix, both of whom were active in making and receiving meeting requests.

Parking lot demos included Infineon's in-cabin radar and a FormulaE research car brought in by San Jose State University's Spartan Racing team.

A big thank you to Yazaki and Docomo Business for hosting this year at their Silicon Valley offices. And to the following companies who showcased their innovation at the show:

Exhibit descriptions available here

Members looking for more information on this year’s companies can still log in to the Autotech Council Portal to see the online exhibits. 

Now is the time to start thinking about next year's Science Fair in Oct 2023 in Silicon Valley!