AutoTech: Detroit (June 5-6) gathers 3,000+ industry stakeholders for 2 days of focused B2B networking that drives real conversations, connections, and impact. Autotech Council community receive a 25% discount when they use code ATC25.

  • Date: 6/5/2024 08:00 AM - 6/6/2024 06:00 PM
  • Location Convention Center Drive, Santa Clara, CA, USA (Map)




AutoTech: Detroit (previously TU-Automotive Detroit) returns to Motown in 2024, for 2 days of focused B2B content and networking that drives real conversations, real connections, and real impact. At AutoTech: Detroit, attendees can expect more than just superficial conversations and sales pitches. Experts on-site share insights and information that are crucial to the future development of your business. And, with a proven track record of bringing people together under one roof, AutoTech: Detroit attracts a diverse range of attendees, providing ample opportunity for forging partnerships and collaborations.

As the go-to B2B meeting place for all things automotive technology, AutoTech: Detroit offers a unique blend of size and intimacy, providing attendees with an immersive experience in all things AutoTech. From connectivity and SDV to electrification and design, AutoTech: Detroit covers all the bases with a laser-like focus on the vehicle as a product. And, with Wards' status as an authoritative voice in the industry, the Wards 10 Best Interiors & UX Awards and the AutoTech Awards, celebrate excellence, while attracting senior level executives and innovative companies from across the globe.

As Wards celebrates their 100th anniversary, attendees can look back on where the industry began and look forward to the future of automotive technology and the impact it will have on the industry. 

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