Agenda, Attendee List, & Presentation files now available to Autotech Council members in the library.

Autotech Council's Spotlight Series meetings are open to the public, and follow the member meeting format of rapid-fire tech introductions. This month, up to 4 startups in the Last Mile segment will introduce the Autotech Council community to their ideas and technologies in our virtual meeting room.

  • Date: 9/27/2021 04:30 PM
  • Location Autotech Council's Virtual Meeting Room (Map)
  • More Info: "Remote Meeting Instructions" email sent to online attendees 24 hours before the meeting.



Silicon Valley, California, September 28 2021/Meeting Recap/ In our Spotlight Series on Last Mile, the Autotech Council discussed last mile logistical solutions for delivery of goods large and small. Hosted by Avanta Ventures, our Spotlight Series is a very quick, one hour session with four innovator's presentations followed by relevant discussion. Technologies introduced at this meeting included AV, delivery, location and logistics.

Despite the short session, we still had some tangible take-aways:

  • there will, by necessity, be various solutions to the last mile: fast, slow, perishable, heavy, automated, human-driven, terrestrial, aerial, and more.
  • there are still massive efficiency gains available in the last mile category
  • big regional differences among countries, and the rural/urban split mean that New York City might get solutions more like Tokyo than Rochester
  • the biggest cost savings come from reducing the human cost, but that won't transition won't be immediate, or sudden.

Thanks to Avanta, our hosts, and Hyundai for participating on our question panel. Presentations are available in the Member Library at the link below.