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Car buyers are increasingly swayed by the infotainment systems when they purchase new cars. They’re looking for instant “curb appeal”, but also testing functionality before they commit to purchase. Will the car support the features and functions they want, and their platforms of choice? At each price range, competitive carmakers need to get it right. Join Autotech Council members, OEMs, automotive suppliers, mobility startups and VCs as we focus on new developments in Infotainment & Apps.

  • Date: 12/6/2023 08:30 AM
  • Location Samsung, 3655 North First St, San Jose, CA (Map)
  • More Info: Remote Access Available



Silicon Valley, California, December 8, 2023/Meeting Recap/ The Autotech Council recently hosted a successful meeting focused on cutting-edge advancements in automotive infotainment and app development. With approximately 125 attendees, the meeting drew in professionals from across the automotive industry. Hyundai played a generous role as the meeting's host.

The focus on in-vehicle infotainment underscores its growing significance in consumer buying decisions, particularly the demand for seamless functionality and user-friendly experiences. The Council highlighted how automakers are continually enhancing their infotainment packages and app offerings to meet the evolving expectations of drivers and passengers.

The innovator’s startups included topics such as:

  • Location Based Services (LBS)
  • In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)
  • Public Safety features
  • Development tools for infotainment features
  • Passenger Entertainment
  • Speech Recognition

The startup presentations were well-received by the audience, fostering valuable conversations and connections during breaks and lunch. As ever, the Council's core objective is nurturing business relationships – to use our forum to reduce the time it takes for innovators and established members of the industry to strike mutually beneficial deals.

A special thank you goes to Hyundai for their generous hospitality and to our insightful presenters and panel speakers for sharing their expertise. For our members, all speaker presentations will be available within the Autotech Council's member's library.