As more features, services, and abilities are added to modern cars, the challenge of presenting drivers with an easy way to control those features is growing. At the same time, the range of technologies enabling more intimate connections between human and machine is expanding rapidly. And we're no longer limited to "active" UI elements, but we can sense, passively, what the human may want or need. We now have access to: Body sensors Eye tracking ADAS Voice interfaces 3D and hand gesture recognition Touch interfaces And more But which of these technologies is best, which perform in ways that are car-appropriate, and which will be easiest for regular drivers to use to interact with their automobile? Join the Autotech Council's HMI meeting, to discuss diverse forward-looking opinions on HMI and look at a number of startups who have innovations that can change the way people give and get information from their

  • Date: 6/12/2015 08:30 AM
  • Location: Maxim Integrated, San Jose (Map)

Agenda, Attendee List, & Presentation files now available to Autotech Council members in the library.