Agenda, Attendee List, & Presentation files now available to Autotech Council members in the library.

Every year, CES promotes a multitude of startups working in the mobility industry. This month, after we hear the perspective of mobility investors, several startups we met at CES who piqued the interest of our members will present their products, show a demo if they can, and answer your burning questions about their technology and business model.

  • Date: 2/10/2022 08:30 AM
  • Location Autotech Council's Virtual Meeting Room (Map)
  • More Info: "Remote Meeting Instructions" email sent to online attendees 24 hours before the meeting.

Price: $200



Every year at CES, thousands of companies launch products or reveal their inventions to the world, and many of these touch on the automotive and mobility sectors. This year, COVID impacted attendance at CES, so the Autotech Council went for you! We debriefed the news out of the event, and we scoured “Eureka Park”, the massive startup pavilion, looking for startups to bring to you. Today’s Autotech meeting featured a selection of some of these discoveries: startups we found at CES and invited to speak to our members on February 10.

Our virtual meeting featured startups from around the world, but we kicked it off with a presentation from Paul Asel, Partner at NGP Capital. Paul invests in the juncture of mobility, transport, logistics, and data. He gave us a explanation of the opportunities he’s seen in that space, the companies in which he’s invested, and the themes that he’s looking for in future investments. From there, we introduced our Rapid Fire startup pitches and heard from companies ranging from:

  • UI enhancements with floating displays
  • A camera that has ranging (RADAR-like) distance detection
  • Virtual buttons and gesture interfaces by pointing at objects in the car (ex: a vent to control HVAC)
  • Micromobility vehicles for workers that are foot driven to liberate hands
  • In-wheel efficient electric motors
  • Remote control car driving for shared fleet cars
  • Smart glass that can reject heat or light
  • A car with variable width
  • And a flying hydrogen car!

All in all, there was a tremendous amount of innovation at CES, and we’re happy to bring some of it back to meet with our members in the pursuit of mutually beneficial business development and the advancement of mobility and transportation in general.

Thanks go out to Tafflyn Toy of Hyundai Cradle, and Jenna Malcom of Hagiwara America, for being our member’s “Question Panel” asking quality questions of each of our presenters, and discussing their innovations.

As always, we ended our meeting with our of our trademark soft-close discussions, where we chatted some more about the ideas we’d seen, and what we’d learned. Thanks to all of our presenters for great brief presentations. They remain available to Members in our Library.