Autotech Council Science Fair

Autotech Council's Annual Science Fair is a once-a-year opportunity for any technology company to introduce their innovations to strategy, R&D, scouting, and partnership executives from across the mobility industry. Every year, 100s of participants share dozens of technologies and thousands of ideas at our Annual Science Fair.

  • Date: 10/14/2021 01:00 PM
  • Location: Silicon Valley, CA, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Onsite in Silicon Valley & Online in Autotech Council's Portal

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Autotech Council Science Fair 2021

  • Oct 14: Onsite in Silicon Valley
  • Oct 15: Online Demos and MatchMaker Meetings

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Alongside a large exhibit space packed with new technologies, interesting co-development projects, startup tables and parking lot demos, Science Fair has opportunities to get involved both onsite, online, and across both formats – including hands-on exhibits on Oct 14, online exhibits on Oct 15, and the MatchMaker Meeting service facilitating private, prescheduled, personal introductions across both days. 


  • Onsite Tables: 3 hours to walk through rows of projects and products on display
  • Parking Lot Demos: Limited outdoor space available
  • Online Exhibits: projects and products available to view asynchronously in our online portal
  • Ask an Engineer: Demos are staffed by engineers who know the technology inside and out, not PR people
  • MatchMaker Meetings: 1000 pre-arranged, private, 15-minute introductions between exhibitors, attendees, and Autotech Members available onsite and online.