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12 Feb : Public Meeting on V2X (Vehicle-to-anything) Communications

V2X will change what you and your car know about the roads ahead and around you. Join Autotech Council members to discover technologies, startups, and ideas around cars that talk to each other.

Demo at the Autotech Council's V2X & NAIAS DEBRIEF Meeting

Demo your technology to OEMs and Vendors at our upcoming 2/12 V2X & NAIAS DEBRIEF Meeting. Click thru to apply now!

12 Feb : Member Meeting: Detroit Auto Show Debrief (NAIAS)

This Debrief covers news and views from the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) 2015. Throughout the meeting, we encourage comments, disagreements, and interaction from everyone in the room. You bring the conversation; we’ll bring the pictures.

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To Drive or Not To Drive - that is the question!

What does autonomous driving really mean for car enthusiasts?  Porsche makes a stand in favor of the thrill of the drive.


Ford patents the Batmobile?

Move over Robin, looks like Ford can give Batman his Batmobile and Batbike all in one!


Rear End Collisions on the decrease thanks to Front Crash Prevention Systems

One of the biggest concerns facing the autonomous vehicle is fear of consumers fear.  As technology forges forwards, skepticism at the consumer level could hold back progress.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety will be technology's greatest ally, as long as the technology works!


Electrifying NASCAR

I'm a fan of Formula One!  NASCAR is a poor relation to the twists and turns of the Nurburgring circuit but as a showcase for green car technology?  I'd watch that!