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2 Apr : PARTNER EVENT: Official Unveiling of the ProspectSV ITS Signal Lab and SimLab

Prospect SV invites the Autotech Council community to join them in the unveiling of their ITS Signal Lab and SimLab!

10 Apr : The Connected Car

Position yourself as an expert in the connected car space by speaking at the 4/10 Autotech Council Connected Car Meeting!

Make your mark on the Autotech community by sponsoring the Autotech Council Connected Car Meeting

Sponsorship positions you on the forefront of auto innovation with the ability to engage with our executive audience and influence the future of our industry.

8 May : OEM Breakfast Club

Exclusive Breakfast & Networking Session for OEMs

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Autotech Council member, Valeo and Mobileye sign a unique technology cooperation agreement

Valeo partners with Mobileye, global leader in front-facing camera-based driving assistance systems, to combine Mobileye's EyeQ® family of microprocessors and computer vision algorithms with Valeo's strong driving assistance sensor portfolio...


Autotech Council Newsletter - March 27


Deutsche Telekom's investment arm, Telekom Capital, makes its first investment, NVIDIA can help slip the power of deep neutral networks into real-world cars, Delphi readies coast-to-coast demo of self-driving car, Voyomotive battles gas-wasting with gadget that turns off car, and Mitsubishi develops noise-suppression technology.


It's time for another Autotech Council newsletter. This week's newsletter includes:

  • Call for Speakers, Sponsors, and Demos for the April Connected Car and May Member Meetings.
  • News from Telekom Capital, Mojio,  NVIDIA, Airbiquity, Mitsubishi, Voyomotive, and Delphi.
  • Official Unveiling of the Prospect SV ITS Signal Lab and SimLab - Prospect Silicon Valley presents two, first of its kind laboratory environments at their Demonstration Center in San Jose. The first is an open platform Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) signal laboratory for developing and demonstrating Connected Vehicle applications. Second is the SimLab - a unique partnership of Prospect SV and Aachen University/FKA, led by Dr. Marcus Brӧckerhoff. Registration, networking and lunch begin at 10:30 am. The program will begin at 11 am followed by a Q&A, tour of the labs and Prospect SV's Demonstration Center. 
  • What's Standing Between Your Organization and a Successful Connected Car Services Program? - Andrew Hart from SBD will present multiple connected car service case studies and insights to illustrate why the biggest challenges the automotive industry faces today are not only technical - but organizational. By increasing our understanding of the organizational issues negatively impacting consumer use of connected car services we can become change agents in our own companies and catalysts for business success. 


Click through to see our full newsletter, have a great weekend!


GM Is Developing Smarter Headlights That Will Follow a Driver's Gaze

This Gizmodo article, by Andrew Liszewski, announces that Opel/Vauxhall, a European subsidiary of GM, is developing next-generation headlight systems that can keep track of where a driver's looking, and automatically re-direct the lights in that direction...


Google ditched the steering wheel because people are unreliable

This Engadget article, by Terrence O'Brien, discusses Google's talk at SXSW 2015, where Astro Teller, the head of Google X, told the crowd that they decided to remove the steering wheel and brakes entirely because humans are not a "reliable backup" for the self-driving system...