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PARTNER EVENT: Insurance Telematics USA 2015

At The Insurance Telematics USA 2015 Conference & Exhibition (2-3 September, Chicago) executives from Progressive Ford, MAPFRE, Volkswagen, Zurich, American Family Insurance, Acord, PXI and The Hartford will discuss how streamlined claims and product diversification pus the consumer at the center of UBI development.

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Sep 02 09:00 AM -
Sep 03 06:00 PM

Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, Chicago
221 North Columbus Drive
Illinois 60601

Car Compute

The processing power in cars is moving even faster than Moore's law. That's because, in addition to gains from faster processors, there is also additional need and thus increased per-car spend on computing power. Current high-end cars carry an arsenal of diverse sensors, display screens, human interfaces, ADAS features, Internet, and Infotainment apps, as well as the usual battery of car management functions. Something needs to crunch all that data to make sense of it. Our meeting will look at the needs and uses of car compute power.

But car compute is not the whole story. Much like Google Voice recognition or Siri, the mobile unit is better when it leverages the power of the cloud. In turn, the data gathered from the car can be aggregated and uploaded in order to augment the knowledge stored in the cloud. Thus, the optimal structure is a partnership between car compute and cloud compute – however, the car must be able to function independently when connectivity is (inevitably) disrupted.

So, this duality offers us ample room for discussion and debate for our meeting:

·         How much compute is needed, and for what uses?

·         What is the impact of autonomy on the processor requirements?

·         Do cars need an AI level of capability?

·         What about redundancy, like aviation?

·         Where is that compute power best located in the car, and outside?

·         What are the privacy implications of this dual brain? What about the security risks?

Sep 11 08:30 AM -
Sep 11 01:00 PM

2800 Scott Boulevard
Santa Clara
CA 95050


The TC3 Summit is the premier telecom innovation summit of the year. Telecom executives from operators, vendors, service providers, VCs and startups across the globe come together for 2 days with one objective in mind - get more innovation to the market, better and faster. With 2 stages, 15 hours of facilitated networking, 100 delegates from 40 global telcos, 50 new technology demos, dozens of case studies, and over 1000 pre-arranged meetings, everyone who participates in TC3 leaves with multiple opportunities.

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Sep 30 08:30 AM -
Oct 01 04:00 PM

Computer History Museum
1401 N Shoreline Blvd.
Mountain View

Oct 09 08:30 AM -
Oct 09 09:00 AM

375 Ravendale Drive, Suite A,
Mountain View,
California, CA 94043.

October Member Meeting

Autotech Council members gather every other month to review a handful of innovative products and solutions coming out of the auto industry's entrepreneurial community across the globe. Between 4 and 8 companies will get the chance to present to a group of innovation scouts for major auto manufacturers, vendors, distributors and investors. 

At these bi-monthly meetings, members get the chance to connect with startups one-on-one, network with other members in an informal setting, discuss trends in a executive round-table format, take private meetings over lunch, and still get back to the office by 1pm. Startups, in turn, get the opportunity to pitch several car makers and their vendors and suppliers at one time, without several business trips and weeks of business development. Each startup is given the opportunity to connect with the members in-person after their presentation. 

These bi-monthly meetings are for members only, free to attend, and closed to the public or the media. 

Oct 09 09:00 AM -
Oct 09 01:00 PM

375 Ravendale Drive, Suite A,
Mountain View,
California, CA 94043.

PARTNER EVENT: Telematics West Coast - Start up pitch competition session

As the connected car space matures and car makers start to embrace external innovation, some OEMs and their tier 1 vendors work with the Autotech Council to spot technology trends and engage with a new breed of automotive start-ups.

  • 5 vetted startups have 5 minutes each to spike your curiosity and get your vote
  • Startups will be available for questions and show-and-tell during the following break
  • Audience will vote to determine a winner to be announced at the final session of the day


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Oct 26 09:00 AM -
Oct 27 05:30 PM

Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa
1775 E Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, CA 92109

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