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October Member Meeting

The Autotech Developer Challenge will give developers the ability to show off their innovative work, and provide our members the opportunity to engage with them and work together as potential partners and customers.


This month’s member meeting will be conducted at the Autotech Developer Challenge and will include a discussion exploring app and service possibilities in the automotive space, demos and coding presentations, and networking with the developers and supporting OEMs.  

Oct 10 08:30 AM

Prospect Silicon Valley
1608 Las Plumas Ave
San Jose, California

Autotech Developer Challenge

The Autotech Developer Challenge is a fun, interactive way to support the development community and find great new apps by leveraging the technical skills and ingenuity of 3rd party developers. The Developer Challenge format creates a competition full of excitement and nail-biting action; and an opportunity to engage with potential partners and customers.

This Developer Challenge will bring in developers on the leading edge of automotive and connected car applications to work with OEM and Tier 1 engineers and demo their expertise. This will be a select group of pre-screened developers working professionally in the field creating high-quality apps and services.

Autotech Council members will kick-off the Developer Challenge with a member meeting about the developer tools that are currently available and the industry's unmet needs; the hack then takes place all day Friday and Saturday (October 10/11) and finishes with judging, awards, and prizes.

We'll start the meeting by getting your input on the type of apps you would like to see developers create in these areas:

  • Apps that utilize Projection (displaying app content and interactivity on in-car screens)
  • Diagnostic apps and services, which can utilize data from the standard OBDii port or another source
  • Enterprise/fleet apps that add value to the B2B market
  • Home-car connectivity apps and services that link electronics in the car with a user’s home, or other outside services (such as personal calendars, email, entertainment, etc.)
  • Internet of Things-based apps and services

While many of the developers have existing apps or services, they will also want to hear directly from you about the most important areas for your company to guide their work.

This meeting is for members only, free to attend, and closed to the public and media. Select media may be invited to the judging segment on Saturday October 11.

Oct 10 08:30 AM

Prospect Silicon Valley
1608 Las Plumas Ave
San Jose, California

Telematics West Coast 2014

The Telematics West Coast Conference & Exhibition 2014 (Oct 30-31, Hilton, San Diego, USA) will discuss the future of content & services in the connected car. The speaker line-up includes Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan, Harman, Jaguar Land Rover, and more.

The fifth annual gathering will tackle how to leverage data to personalize the auto customer experience and the opportunities and challenges facing seamlessly embedding the car in the connected lifestyle.

The Autotech Council has secured a $100 discount for its members, enter the code 2616ATC when registering.

Oct 30 09:00 AM

Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa
1775 East Mission Bay Dr.
San Diego, CA 92109

November Member Meeting

Autotech Council members gather every other month to review a handful of innovative products and solutions coming out of the auto industry's entrepreneurial community across the globe. Between 4 and 8 companies will get the chance to present to a group of innovation scouts for major auto manufacturers, vendors, distributors and investors. 

At these bi-monthly meetings, members get the chance to connect with startups one-on-one, network with other members in an informal setting, discuss trends in a executive round-table format, take private meetings over lunch, and still get back to the office by 2:30. Startups, in turn, get the opportunity to pitch several car makers and their vendors and suppliers at one time, without several business trips and weeks of business development. Each startup is given the opportunity to connect with the members in-person after their presentation. 

These bi-monthly meetings are for members only, free to attend, and closed to the public or the media. 

Nov 14 08:30 AM -
Nov 14 01:00 PM

3975 Freedom Circle Drive
Santa Clara, California 95054




How long will it be until a hacked car causes some damage? This meeting will cover security innovation from all sides - software, hardware, and network security, but we will leave driver safety and ADAS systems for another agenda. We are looking for major vendors and startups alike to propose their software, cloud, and authorization solutions. Simply reply to this email with suggestions.



Dec 12 08:30 AM

Airbiquity @ Prospect SV
1608 Las Plumas Ave
San Jose, California

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