From browsing or exhibiting to private introductions, here's how you can participate at our 2023 Science Fair.


MatchMaker Meetings

500 MatchMaker Meetings, described below, are available in Silicon Valley on Oct 11 and/or online on Oct 12. To participate in onsite or online introductions, select a package that includes the MatchMaker Service when you register.


Exhibit Onsite

Exhibit tables, parking lot demos, startup tables, and exhibit sponsorships are available with or without unlimited MatchMaker introductions and with or without online participation. Choose the package that best works for your goals when you register.


Exhibit Online

After an hour hosting your own table in our virtual lounge for interactive discussions with online visitors, your product and technology pages are open in the portal for asynchronous viewing. All Science Fair exhibitors have access to this option.


Attend Onsite

Science Fair exhibits, including demos, startup tables and parking lot exhibits run on Oct 11 from 1-4 pm in Silicon Valley. Choose a Visitor Pass if you want to just browse, or choose the Participant Pass if you want introductions and meetings with members, exhibitors, and other participants.


Attend Online

After 1 hour of interactive networking and demo tables in our Virtual Lounge, technology demos will be available all day Oct 12 in Autotech Council's Portal. To connect with onsite and online participants, the MatchMaker Service is also available to online-only attendees.