From browsing or exhibiting to private introductions, Science Fair has 5 registration options available.


MatchMaker Meetings

500 MatchMaker Meetings, described below, are available in Silicon Valley on Oct 13 and/or online on Oct 14. To participate in onsite or online introductions, add the MatchMaker Service to your registration.


Exhibit Onsite

Exhibit tables, parking lot demos, startup tables, and exhibit sponsorships still available to vaccinated individuals. Add an exhibit option when you register.


Exhibit Online

Online exhibits, technology demos, and exhibit sponsorships available. Online exhibits are included with all Science Fair exhibits or available separately for those who can't come to Silicon Valley this year.


Attend Onsite

Science Fair exhibits, including demos, startup tables and parking lot exhibits will be open to the public on Oct 13 from 1-4 pm in Silicon Valley and open privately beforehand.


Attend Online

Online exhibits and technology demos will be available all day Oct 14 in Autotech Council's Portal. Online-only attendees can also use the MatchMaker Service for private introductions over Zoom.