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Companies seeking to influence or access the auto industry's innovators, may be interested in sponsoring a topic as part of their marketing program.

About half of the Autotech Council's meetings are topic-specific. These may be focused on the 3rd party innovation of a single company, or focused on a technical segment of the market such as infotainment, safety, or fuel-efficiency. Each of these topic-specific meetings are open for sponsorship by a company who can both get value from the audience and deliver value to the topic.  

The Autotech Council's invitation list of over 10,000 people is a group people who are involved in auto industry innovation and have actively indicated that Autotech Council meetings are of value to their business. Although our mailing list includes over 10k people, any specific topic may gather 50-100 people depending on how futuristic the topic is. But regardless of how many people attend, meeting sponsors and their message are promoted to all our subscribers plus dozens of sites and calendars online.

Companies sponsor an Autotech Council meeting because they are:

  • Building their reputation as an innovator.
  • Promoting a specific innovative solution for the meeting's topic.
  • Opening lines of communication with entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Influencing buying decisions at car companies.
  • Growing their presence in the Silicon Valley.

We are very selective with our sponsors as they can have a major impact on any given agenda. In fact, we typically do not allow more than one sponsor for each meeting and most of our meetings do not have sponsors at all because our criteria require that a sponsor gets as much value from the audience as it delivers to the topic.

When we do take a sponsor, we make sure that the membership, the audience, and the sponsor are all happy with the results. Along with branding and promotion to over 10,000 auto industry experts, sponsors often get an opportunity to speak, demo, or distribute samples or handouts. 

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