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Autotech Council membership offers an open flow of innovation, education, and discovery between visionary automotive companies. Benefits include private meetings, a member library, and introductions.

Top 5 Reasons Companies Join:

1. Relationships
Contacts are good; relationships are gold. Investing in membership builds solid, long-term, professional relationships with people and companies across the industry.

2. Opportunity
With over a dozen auto manufacturers, 25 global wireless providers, 100s of VCs, innumerable vendors and countless startups located in the valley, we reach the who’s who of the global Autotech industry.

3. Influence
Because membership is selective (over 80% of Autotech Council participants are executives) member companies gain influence across the industry.

4. Innovation
20 meetings a year highlight innovation and innovators across the industry. Any given topic attracts fitting OEMs, vendors, entrepreneurs, investors, & startups.

5. Efficiency
For a fraction of the cost of travel and travel time Council membership establishes your presence with your target market. Shorten the standard 6-month business development time to just weeks by building relationships with Council members.

Available to single corporate entities:

  • Unlimited Meetings
    Free meeting registration for 1-2 meetings per month including: member meetings, tradeshow debriefs, public meetings, etc.
  • Private Library 
    Member’s-only library holds hundreds of presentations, debrief reports, and PDFs from past meetings.
  • Personal Introductions 
    We maintain a close relationship with our members to help us provide valuable introductions throughout the ecosystem.
  • Speaking Opportunities 
    Members get priority consideration for agendas.
  • LinkedIn Group
    This member-only online tool provides a way for members to contact each other outside of meetings.
  • Tradeshow Debriefs
    Stay on top of industry announcements by debriefing the industry’s tradeshows
  • Multi-User Membership
    Involve as many qualified company employees as you like- membership is company-wide.
  • Demonstrating openness to entrepreneurs and VCs
    You provide the technology, we provide the audience
  • Newsletter Announcements
    Ability to post announcements in the MEMBERS section of our bi-monthly newsletter.
  • Agenda & Meeting Topic Leadership  (OEM Members Only)
    - OEM members help direct the Council meetings by reviewing speaker applications 
    - Join your OEM peers on the Autotech Council Board of Directors
    - Work directly with the Council to control the topic and agenda of 1 “Sponsor Meeting” a year

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